Tazeez Hualage and Logistics offers premium fleet management services for corporate clients. The company provides vehicles on a fixed-tenure basis, a fantastic solution for a business that prefers to avoid the expenses tied to purchasing and maintaining its own fleet. With monthly payment options available, our clients are able to free up cash for use in core aspects of their businesses.

With our over ten years of experience, distinct professionalism and technical expertise, we lease out vehicles at the most convenient means of payment through uniquely designed leasing options/ solutions to meet your fleet and financial needs.

We offer the following genre:
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Burial Ceremony
  • Political Campaign
  • Corporate Use
  • Long-term Leasing 
  • Short-term Leasing
We also have a variety of truck leasing options. From box trucks to bucket trucks.
We've got you covered. There are a number of varieties of leasing, Click here to get in touch with us and discover what we have in stock for you!